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Cloud Computing

What is Cloud Computing?

The cloud computing feature enables the availability of data storage, computational instances, and resources over the cloud without the active involvement of the users. Technically, cloud computing offers a complete suite of managed services which incorporates both the software and the hardware components. The movement of organizations towards service-oriented architectures & virtualization has resulted in a great shift towards the cloud. Data security, data privacy, data redundancy & duplication, etc. are among the alarming constraints that can be mitigated with cloud adoption.

Our unparalleled adeptness in AWS Cloud Computing, Google Cloud Computing, Oracle Cloud, and Azure Cloud Computing offers a wide suite of services that is in sync with prevalent business requirements. Our efficacy in cloud services allows the client to use their own tools & frameworks to build, manage and deploy the application.

Why Cloud Computing?

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Gartner predicts cloud computing and services will be a $300 billion business by 2021.

Mckinsey analyzed that the IT overhead expenses has gone down by 30%-40% with cloud adoption.

How Cloud Computing works?


Data access is facilitated

Internet browsers & cloud computing software’s facilitates interfacing

Central Server

Management of connectivity b/w devices & cloud components is targeted

Deployment of middleware's to mitigate challenging circumstances


Primary Component of cloud that holds data & information

Comprises of servers, computers, databases, and central repositories