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Data Lake

What is Data Lake?

Data Lake is a repository that holds raw data in its natural format. Be it unstructured, semi-structured, structured, or the transformed data, the data lake stores and manages such a voluminous amount of data efficiently. Deep diving into the data and running enormous analytical tools to gain actionable and impactful insights is what most of the industries are looking for.

The data can be stored as-is without being structured. Moreover, different types of analytical tools with real-time reporting can be run on these data sets. We help deploy machine learning models that can ensure better predictions and profit-oriented decision making.

Why Data Lake

Benefits of Data Lake

Adoption of data lake eliminates data silos

Data lake offers unlimited ways of querying data

Data Lake lays stress on “store-all” principle

Ruling out the need for data modeling, Data Lake offers unparalleled flexibility in seeking insights & intelligent answers.

Data Lake facilitates democratization of data, thereby making data available for the whole organization

Decoupling schema from data allows to define multiple schemas for the same data, which is excellent from analytics perspective

How Data Lake works