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Business requirements may mandate that data needs to be cleansed, imported from multiple sources, integrated on different platform and time period to existing systems and then presented to end users by our experienced Oracle Business Intelligence data consultants & data architects in a number of different formats. So when it comes to Oracle and its industry leading business analytics and data solutions, you may need to have the ability to use a number of the Oracle tools that are available to provide the best solutions –

  • MDM
  • PL/SQL
  • ODI
  • ESB
  • Fusion Middleware
  • BI Publisher

Our OBIEE consultants are experienced data architects with both OBIEE enterprise data warehousing skill sets and detailed OBIEE development knowledge. We can assist you in successfully completing any/all of the following -

  • Data Modeling and Analytics – Data exploration, predictive modelling, data mining, machine learning, rules engines.
  • Data Mapping & ETL – Data acquisition, data cleansing, data enrichment, data quality, data wrangling and mappling.
  • Reporting OBIEE – Reports, Dashboards, Visualisation, Meta Data Definition (semantic layer)
  • Governance and Security