We implemented a visualization tool to get a whole new story out of the data generated from multiple sources.

About the Industry

The medical industry is witnessing restructuring in all sectors. Smart analytical solutions are simplifying all data being generated. A robust patient management solution keeps track of doctor-patient engagement in real-time.

Reporting and visualization tools are making tasks simpler. With an enterprise mobility-enabled solution, the event is reported over the mobile applications in real-time as well. With changing regulatory norms and compliances, the internal function is predominantly modified.

About the Client

Our client is a California-based medical technology company. The organization primarily focuses on women’s
health and beauty, with expertise in medical imaging. The organization’s diagnostic and surgical solutions par
with the best practices being deployed in the healthcare industry today.

With a total revenue of US$ 3300 million, the company has performed 700+ paptests to date. The company employs more than six thousand people and is planning to further expand across prominent geographic areas.

The Business Challenges

We identified following problem areas:

  • The company was facing difficulty in connecting multiple data sources and seeing the whole picture.
  • Broad security privileges and a siloed departmental structure was making it difficult to access data.
  • Their existing business intelligence tool was not capable enough to meet the crucial needs of data analysis.
  • The size of the data was getting larger, but no insights were being drawn out of it.

Our Solution

  • We proposed to them the implementation of Qlik Sense, as this tool could associate multiple data from several sources.
  • The solution’s robust management capabilities offered easy access to data and smart visualization.
  • Deployment of the Qlik Sense across the organization’s various departments ensured the error-free relevant flow of data.
  • Overall, the outdated and siloed structure of data management was replaced by a smarter solution.

Key Results

  • We demonstrated a 30% to 50% improvement in decision-making.
  • The allocation and utilization of resources improved in this optimized environment.
  • We were able to manage cost and reduceboth overhead and indirect expenses.

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