Salesforce Utility For Data Ingestion

About the Domain

Our client is a national organization of local chapters which provide voluntary after-school programs for young people.

The Business Challenges

The Problem Statement

  • Our client wanted us to develop tool to migrate data related to members and events from their legacy system to Salesforce for all the organizations.
  • Data validation and interlinking of templates was the important requirement.
  • All the 800+ organisation data validation and migration must be done. Each organisation had 18 templates to be validated, interlinked and migrated to Salesforce.

The Business Solution

  • We developed a data migration tool using Microsoft Azure services and Python programming.
  • We leveraged Azure Databricks, Azure Data Factory, Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS) and Azure Key Vault for development or pipelines.
  • All the migration data templates were uploaded in csv format on ADLS and then they were passed through data validation pipeline, which logs all the errors which are used to clean the data. Validation rules are configurable.
  • Once data is validated and cleaned, they are sequentially passed to pipelines which interlink templates with help of joins and upload data to Salesforce.

Key Results

  • We were able to develop a tool which effective validates the data and migrate it to Salesforce.
  • Setup was done in such a way that multiple organization data can be validated and migrated at the same time.
  • Tool training and technical documentation help client to effectively migrate data for their organization.
  • The client found architecture ideal and easy at a low cost.

Data ingestion in Salesforce

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