Our end-to-end SAP Ariba solution portfolio makes you achieve a competitive edge by transforming your buyer and supplier lifecycle management. The ready-to-deploy solution makes your savings sustainable by optimizing the logistics cycles. We provide innovative ways of managing procurementand its associated tasks. The SAP Ariba Framework Network helps achieve unprecedented business success by eliminating potential business process flaws.


The roadblocks, we remove

Delays in the supply-chain & procurement functions

Absence of real-time collaboration with suppliers

Risk involved in supplier’s engagement

Complexity in purchasing contracts

Opaque financial visibility

Incapable sourcing decisions

Leveraged liquidity risk

Deaccelerated contract lifecycle

Unproductive management of the supply chain

Lack of transparency across procurement-centric line of business

Services We Offer

Why consider Bizmetric?

Envision unmatched ways of transforming the procurement modules

Our ERP Capabilities

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JD Edwards

Envision how innovation is paving the path for enterprise transformation in this digitized economy. With JD Edwards, align your business process with intelligent applications, and make your output even better. We modernize your functional suite for competitive advantage.

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Oracle E-Biz Suite

Strategizing capabilities offers an added advantage. Our Oracle E-B Suite application meets your business needs with robust cloud infrastructure. With advanced buizsiness operations and SaaS applications, we ensure you achieve the best operational efficiency at the enterprise level.

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Oracle Fusion Applications

Our considerable expertise in Machine Learning helps fuel your growth factor by automating the existing business processes. Even without being explicitly programmed, our solutions can contemplate relevant decisions to overcome the complexity of business issues.

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Oracle Transportation Management

Transportation improves with optimized operational planning. Our Oracle Transportation Management Solution empowers industry-leading capabilities by automating logistics operations. We provide a range of services like fleet management, carrier sourcing, and real-time tracking of vehicles.

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People Soft

Achieving business excellence becomes possible either by deploying a new application, or by upgrading the existing application and solution. Our Peoplesoft solution delivers both ways of achieving business results. We provide a solution that is easy to implement and configure.

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Leveraging technologies improves enterprise intelligence and produces business value. Bizmetric is committed to delivering the best business performance through its innovative and customer-centric approach.The ERP Solution provides a robust and integrated suite of applications that considers multiple domains in a single setting. We help deploy a solution that improves the business processes and delivers better customer satisfaction. Fulfilling business needs involves an enterprise-wise suite of applications that integrates major business components and provides a refined solution for problem mitigation. Our consolidated ERP Solution transforms the business model and improves productivity at the grassroot level.

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Make your supply-chain flow seamless and integrated