Going by the general definition, Life Sciences Industry encompasses the field of biotechnology, biomedical technology, healthcare, food processing, and biomedical devices & technologies. The industry is well known for its regulatory frameworks and the stringent guidelines, that are meant to overcome the complexity of the critical programs. As per the latest trends, the industry is getting inclined more towards global regulatory procedures. The regulations allow the organizations to unify their solution with the global system, which in turn improves the efficiency. Technology-wise, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual & Augmented Reality are helping in formulating and commercializing intelligent applications. The research and development cell are also adopting the solutions that are powered by data. The exhaustive usage of data and its analysis using techniques like Machine Learning is bringing out the insights that are impacting the business outcomes favorably.

About Client

Our client is a government recognized research firm, actively involved in the research and analysis of the cells and biological sample molecules. The organization serves as the national repository of animal cells and has provided valuable services towards the research, development, and support through teaching and subject-focused training. The high-profile research of our client has found places in journals and editorials of internationally reputed firms. Stem Cells and its regeneration, analysis of cellular response, the study of diseases and micro-organisms, and study of cellular components are some of the areas where the organization has delivered remarkable research results. The organization focuses on integrating the conventional solution with the modern computational frameworks. For more and better research collaborations, the client is signing the MoU’s with many foreign universities and research firms that are into the biotechnology and research-oriented academics.

Business Challenge

Finding and analyzing the minute particles from a given sample is not an easy task. Our client was engaged in analyzing the protein particles from a given sample. Conducting exhaustive research of protein molecule with other compounds or molecules is very crucial for the formulation of any medicines. For better visualization and analysis of the particles, they used the technique named CRYO-Electron Microscopy. Over a period, it got identified that the accuracy of the existing algorithm is unable to match the expectations. The cross-examination of protein particles and their reactivity with other molecules gives better results when visualized in 3-D. The 3-D visualization of the protein molecules makes such regressive analysis successful. In this context, the organization was looking for unmatched visualization, that can help prepare antidotes for a diseased protein molecule.

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