Salesforce Utility for Data Ingestion

What is the offer about? Salesforce Utility for Data Ingestion

This offer involves a weeklong audit aimed at achieving the future implementation goal of the Utility for data ingestion into Salesforce through Azure cloud services.

The utility efficiently utilizes diverse data sources, employing various actions including extraction, validation, analysis, preparation, and migration within Azure cloud services. The final step entails seamless ingestion of processed data into Salesforce.

What will be included in the weeklong audit?

  1. Our team will analyse the use case requirements and current workflow.
  2. Analysis of the downstream data and inter linkage of tables for migration to Salesforce will be done.
  3. Analysis of the complexity of data validation required for different templates.
  4. Our team will also analyse the time and space complexity.
  5. Cost & Resource Analysis to bring in Business value post custom utility is deployed.
  6. Generate a detail current state assessment, gap analysis report & future implementation roadmap.

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