Scale your cloud operations. Let the distributed feature of the CloudOps span across the organization with its flexible application services.


Define your Business with CloudOps

Bizmetric and its CloudOps practices help drives business agility by optimizing cloud infrastructure services. Our reliable methodologies and mission-critical approach leverage the cloud IT operations and significantly improve the user experience. We drive innovation by bringing transformation at the governance level.

What We Do

We augment the service quality by creating a differentiating value within the organization. Our cloud-based community works at the ground level 24/7 to achieve greater customer satisfaction.

How We Do

Bizmetric works at the infrastructure level and helps the enterprise adopt remarkable features of DevOps, DataOps, and insight-generating cloud practices to explore the best business results.

Why We Do

We believe in creating an ecosystem where the users can easily deploy modern application models and experience the advantages of highly robust, open source, and tool-agnostic solutions.


Ways Business can Benefit with CloudOps

Managed Workloads

CloudOps solutions have the capability of reducing an organization's overburdened workloads and freeing the in-house team from getting engaged in redundant and manual tasks.

Transformed Business

The technological expertise of CloudOps, coupled with next-gen insights, help enterprise evolve gradually with the proven models, approach, and holistic frameworks.

Uniform Assessment

Enterprise can scrutinize the business needs, business impact, and risks associated with the solution implementation and prepare the assessment evaluation chart.

Maintenance & Support

The 24/7 availability of CloudOps's technical support works as an antidote against the errors and enables enterprises to fix bugs before their actual occurrences.

Multi-cloud Features

While organizations are looking for on-premises to cloud migration, CloudOps, with its cloud-enablement features, helps them in choosing the most optimized cloud services.

Flexible Architectures

The customization of CloudOps architectures as per the client's requirements make it highly reliable. The quick delivery of multiple operations in real-time sets CloudOps apart.

We serve multiple verticals

Experience our Diversified Industrial Exposure

  • Manufacturing

    Case Study

    Orchestrating cloud offerings to optimize enterprise cost in a hybrid cloud environment

    We accomplished the DevOps to DevSecOps transition through an automated and digitally advanced delivery platform. Our solution implementation worked as an innovation catalyst for the company. They solved their business challenges with the best of the disruptive solutions.

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Why Bizmetric

Building a Platform that Drives the Digital Change

Bizmetric offers an open-source, cloud-native solution with high-end consulting and managed services. We rule out the vendor lock-in issue and provide the utmost flexibility to our customers to own a significant right on the cloud.

  • Bringing a positive business change with DevOps.
  • Building and operating on platforms that improve decision-making.
  • Making our CloudOps expertise available 24/7.
  • Empowering cloud strategies for a differentiated development.
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Our Approach


The complex business scenario and the client needs


Making right choices with the right guidance


Blueprint for a new experience altogether


Bringing technical glitches under radar


The best enterprise solution for the business


Powering your Business with Actionable Insights

Critically examine the zillions of data sets to uncover insightful patterns. Personalize your enterprise experience with our highly reliable analytics solutions.

Master Data Management

Get 360-degree insights into data with our single source of truth. Integrate your system and information to bring forth data-driven business value.

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Cloud Computing

Harness the potential of disruptive technologies with the best cloud practices. Yield maximum business benefits with the solutions that are imperative for your organization.

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Analytics & Business Intelligence(BI)

Uncover the huge potential of your data with our business intelligence solution. Draw meaningful insights with our highly interactive and visually-enriched dashboards.

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Data Lake and Data Warehousing

Resolve all your data storage and access related issues with our data lake solution. Integrate your siloed data and transform the legacy approach into a new business scenario.

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Bizmetric Big Data Capabilities

Revamp your business with the most widely used buzzword "Big Data". Tap into the resource that carries the huge potential of bringing the transformation at an enterprise-scale.

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Data Analytics

Enable a data-centric ecosystem for your enterprise to achieve sustainable business outcomes. Add value to your work with the best analytics practices.

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