AI & Deep Learning

Is your data diving technique strategic and efficient? Explore the ocean of opportunities Deep Learning offers to make you realize the untapped data benefits.

AI & Deep Learning

Enabling Algorithms to Troubleshoot your Business Problems

Businesses are looking for cognitive ways of turning data into insights and insights into business opportunities. We at Bizmetric offers a one-stop ML-based solution for your business needs. Our AI & deep learning capabilities make it easy to deal with mercurial business scenarios.

What We Do

Bizmetric brings decades of excellence in advanced technologies. We make AI solutions more potent by incorporating the top-notch features of advanced digital solutions.

How We Do

We analyze vast range of semi-structured and unstructured data and develop highly optimized solutions like chatbot applications, computer vision solutions, and Natural Language Processing.

Why We Do

The frontier technologies are ushering at a brisk pace. We help our clients encompass the rule-based applications and draw insights through abstract data levels and highly robust analytics techniques.


Ways Business can Benefit with Deep Learning

Increasing Market

The NLP, Image, and Speech Recognition market has gained prominence recently. Top industry watchers say the integration of Deep Learning with other technologies will share a large proportion of corporate contribution.

Neural Network

The neural network application of Deep Learning has seen phenomenal success in the healthcare and finance sectors. Industries like energy, logistics, and manufacturing are reaping the maximum benefits of the leveraged computational power.

Improved Customer

The agility, reliability and the quick response time of the deep learning applications render out of the box service. The flexible system revitalizes business throughput and also helps to improve the customer experience.

We serve multiple verticals

Experience our Diversified Industrial Exposure

  • Manufacturing

    Case Study

    Implementing AI-powered insights for reliable network utilization

    We implemented AI Ops solutions to help the client solve some unidentified networking related anomalies. We saw an 80% reduction in manual operations and a noticeable improvement in the business engagement time. The network and capacity utilization of the organization improved by 20%. Our optimized solution delivered an exceptional result in lesser time.

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  • Logistics

    Case Study

    Upgrading the existing tracking system to counter business challenges

    We implemented the ML-based solution and helped counter frequent logistics & supply chain issues. We achieved real-time insights on weather forecasting. Real-time acknowledgement of cargoes and flights improved the business process.

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  • Energy

    Case Study

    Turning insights into vivid reality with matured data management

    We improved the decision-making capabilities of our client and helped them in saving significant costs. With improved operational efficiencies, our client witnessed 25–30% growth in operating income. The accuracy of making predictions improved, which in turn enhanced the decision-making capabilities of the organization.

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  • Life Sciences

    Case Study

    Unveiling Standard Ways of Cell Analysis and Particle Picking Through Machine Learning

    90% accuracy in automated particle picking is achieved, resulting in the formation of 3-D models with high precision. The entire process of the 3-D representation is automated, thereby leading to the removal of manual anomalies.

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  • BFSI

    Case Study

    Mitigating insurance and claim related issues through Machine Learning Solutions

    Predicting the possibility of fraudulent incidence occurrence through smart solutions. we were successful in resolving 30% to 40% of the fraud cases. Our analysis of the historical data helped trace the origin point of the issue. With Machine Learning models, we improved the accuracy of our solution. We succeeded in mitigating 60% to 70% of all illegal cases in another phase.

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  • Retail

    Case Study

    Transform your insights into business outcomes by harvesting demand intelligence

    Our Big Data experts automated the demand forecasting model of our client and analyzed the data obtained from multiple parameters. We obtained more than 90% accuracy in demand forecasting. We streamlined the budgetary process, sales planning, warehouse portfolio, and operations, and thus gained better visibility and accuracy.

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Why Bizmetric

Repurposing the Business Efforts in the Right Direction

Deep Learning, a subset of AI, is spreading its wings across all verticals and domains. Bizmetric, with its unmatched cognitive capabilities, infuse human-centric intelligence into the business operations and help solve complex business threads with greater ease.

  • We make data AI-ready and fit for the complex business scenarios
  • We Invade a new form of capitalism for future business benefits
  • We make applications ready for human interactions
  • We help remove undue repetitions of mundane tasks
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Our Approach


Analyzing problem and its way out


Churning out relevant datasets for analysis


Picking the most optimum deep learning algorithm


Making algorithms work with the labelled data


Performance evaluation before going live


Empowering Business with AI-enabled Solutions.

Right from the system to the data center, and from on-premises to the cloud, experience our AI-enabled solutions at each milestone of the digital transformation.

Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics

Make the best use of ML-enabled models to determine the future of your business. Deploy strategies that make you digitally independent.

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Recommendation Engines

Narrow down your selection process with Bizmetric Recommendation Engine Solution. Give an upward thrust to the business metrics for better customer satisfaction and retention.

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Automate your business integration process with AI-MLOps enterprise capabilities. Make the process of improvement prompt, continuous, and effective.

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Artificial Intelligence

Integrate intelligence with the organizational workflow to empower your business with semantic architecture and highly sophisticated decision-making processes.

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