Implementing AI-powered insights for reliable network utilization

We implemented AIOps solutions to help the client solve some unidentified networking related anomalies.

Discover how Bizmetric implemented AI-powered insights for reliable network utilization. Dive into our success story for improved network performance.

About the Industry

For successful enterprise asset management, manufacturing companies are relying on AI-enabled solutions and their integration with the IIoT. And inadvertently, the complex industrial processes and the operations have undergone a radical transformation with the implementation of data-related best practices. Right from the beginning of the shop floor mechanisms to the end process of the finished products, the automation has significantly reduced the dependence on the legacy manual framework of most of the firms. The leveraged and sustainable production processes have reduced the downtime and overhead expenses incurred in the maintenance of the finished products. Meeting the business need, both on-premises or on-field, with zero chances of failure is nearly impossible if the latest technologies are not there in the bucket list of the solution implementation. Manufacturers are exploring more into the AI-enabled insights that can bring transformation at the industrial level.

About the Client

Our client is a Florida-based manufacturing firm with a good reputation in its respective domain. With 100+ factory outlets spanning across the world, the global footprint of the company is remarkably outstanding. The workforce count of the company is nearly 8000, with the employee strength continuously scaling exponentially. Our client believes in adopting innovative practices that add business value. To standardize their business operations, they are looking forward to streamlining their core functions with the adoption of the right technologies.

The Business Challenges

We zeroed on the following complexities that hampered our client’s business progress: –

  • The capacity utilization framework was outdated. Arriving at the root cause of any problem seemed nearly impossible most of the time.
  • Inability to meet service level agreements due to the lack of highly accurate predictive solutions increased the unnecessary workload of the IT and technical team.
  • Lack of visibility and end-to-end responsiveness delayed the on-time reporting of the business problems, which further added to the intricacies in the loop.
  • The company was looking for a single source of truth, a kind of an integrated solution that would cater to a one-stop solution in the robust data-centric ecosystem.

The Business Solution

  • We analyzed each stage of the business operations for better inspection of their pain areas. Our experts recommended the implementation of an AI/ ML-Ops solution as the most feasible option.
  • The AI and ML-enabled solution monitored the overall performance at an enterprise level and generated insights that leveraged the overall performance of the organization.
  • Our AI assistance provided event-driven automation methodologies to troubleshoot data generic issues in one attempt. We enabled natural language processing at the administrative level for quick retrieval of the information.
  • The machine learning models recommended the best-fit approach for business issues. We prepared the Impact Analysis Report for our clients that helped them visualize the data performance in an elaborated way.

Key Results

  • Implementing AI-powered insights for reliable network utilization, we saw an 80% reduction in manual operations and a noticeable improvement in the business engagement time.
  • The network and capacity utilization of the organization improved by 20%. Our optimized solution delivered an exceptional result in lesser time.
  • Analysis of the data collected from the traffic engagement made 90% accurate predictions for a given time frame, helping the client plan their strategies in a refined way.

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