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Welcome to our in-depth case study on ChatGPT solutions. In this analysis, we delve into how our innovative ChatGPT-powered implementations have revolutionized customer interactions and satisfaction.

About the Domain

Our client is a global service provider of a broad range of legal, corporate, secretarial, assurance, administrative, and support services.

They aim to be a reliable partner with their clients consistently crafting innovative solutions to adapt to evolving market demands and seize opportunities, while pursuing sustainable profitability.


The Business Challenges

The Problem Statement

  • A significant amount of time and effort was invested in analyzing voluminous documents such as contracts and call records.
  • There was a need to acquire insights into entity relationships without requiring specialized technical expertise.
  • Our client wanted to optimize the allocation of time, resources, and budgets towards activities that yield productive outcomes.

The Business Solution

To overcome the above problems, we introduced the following Bizmetric ChatGPT solutions:


1. Document Processing

2. Invoice Processing

3. SQL Query Generation

4. Summary Extraction of call records


1. Document Processing:

  • This ChatGPT solution processes large quantities of various types of documents, including those related to business, legal matters, invoices, and expenses.
  • It captured and extracted details in structured format outputs.
  • Responded to queries on the document at high speed.

2. Invoice Processing

  • This ChatGPT solution successfully captured the details of numerous expense reports.
  • All context was extracted using the text to ChatGPT model.

3. SQL Query Generation

  • This ChatGPT solution converted queries in English to SQL queries.
  • Extracted the entity relationships and provided the desired output.

4. Summary Extraction of call records

  • This ChatGPT solution included conversion of call record extracts into a concise summary.
  • Speech to text solutions using Azure Cognitive Services.

Key Results

  • ChatGPT solutions implementation spurred innovation and allowed the client to focus on strategic issues.
  • Automation improved efficiency, productivity, and streamlined processes.
  • Our ChatGPT solutions boosted output, significantly increasing the production.

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