6 Reasons to use Power BI as a Business Intelligence Solution

6 Reasons to use Power BI as a Business Intelligence Solution

Apr 28, 2020

6 Reasons to use Power Bi – With a diversified customer base, meeting the ever-changing needs with the conventional approach is a challenge. The business runs with data, and the ease of doing business depends primarily on how well you use these data. Due to its unmatched capabilities, Power BI has become a necessity for the organization. Easy to deploy row-level protection measures, rapid and accurate visualization, analysis of the data obtained from vast sources are some of the potentials that set Power BI ahead of its competitors.

1.  Ease of usability

With easy to use interface, Power BI gives you the flexibility to select the attributes for your report. No prior knowledge of the programming language is required, as the tool itself is intelligent enough to offer you the best reporting and visualization element. The QA feature of the Power BI replies to your queries in a highly visualized manner. The answers in the form of values and graphs make your analysis and forecast more accurate. A simple user interface, effortless selection of attributes, and uncomplicated drag & drop feature of Power BI makes data visualization more manageable.

Utilizing Power BI uncovers the hidden potential of data, helping clients transform their business at lightning speed.
2. Facilitating better collaboration

Business demands the involvement of multi-disciplinary personnel to achieve the business objectives. Power BI supports a collaborative approach for unmatched user experience. One user can collaborate with the other one and create visualizations and dashboards in “app” work-spaces and can publish them to a larger audience. The interaction capabilities help mitigate the queries that a user might face during the report generation.

3. Integrating analytics with cloud intelligence

Microsoft offers Power BI services on cloud. The data security patches of the cloud keep the data safe from malicious intrusion. Generally, Power BI Desktop is used to prepare the report, and Power BI Service is used to share the report with the users who are authorized to use them.

4. Enablement of Predictive Analytics

The prediction-based solution transforms the future of your business by improving the present business context. The data modeling competence of the Power BI compares the probable “what-if” scenarios and comes up with the solution that suits best for your organization. The statistical algorithms analyze past historical data and derive the futuristic and reliable outcomes for an enterprise. The Power BI reports facilitating the optimized seasonal study is in much demand. The reason why many organizations look for reports that are handy and use-case based.

5. Tool with customer-centric approach

The agility of the Power BI tool has removed the unnecessary dependencies on the IT staff. Power BI tool is concise, centralized, simple to follow, and easy to deploy. Setting data-driven priorities for the business is accompanied by many challenges. Only a robust business intelligence solution can sense the given scenario and bring a radical transformation through its inbuilt intelligence. The dashboard delivers charts, reports, and graphs that are highly customized and customer-centric. You handle the changing dimensions of the data in the most productive manner with Power BI.

6. Monitoring your database environment effectively

The Azure Activity Log Analytics features of Power BI generate a report by analyzing the log data of the last ninety days. The study of the pattern not only identifies the issues that occurred within these days but also determine the probability of the occurrence of outages and maintenance issues shortly. Another essential add-on named Power BI System Center Configuration Manager monitors the health of the server in the cloud environment and create visual reports on the malware security of the entire system.


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In an era of digital transformation and business intelligence, data plays a prominent role in shaping the present and future of the enterprise. To keep things in place, you need to have a tool that effectively serves the business purpose and ensures maximum yield for the business. The Power BI has been successful in all the parameters that serve as competitive differentiators. It’s not just a matter of gaining insights, but it’s all about gaining actionable and valuable insights. Achieving data visualization excellence through Power BI makes the path of digital transformation smoother. Even the top Gartner Magic Quadrant has recognized the ability of Power BI in executing the BI solutions. The prompt services of Microsoft have helped Power BI achieve the top slot among all other reporting tools. Choosing Power BI over other tools will always be a wise business decision.

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