Cloud Computing

Harness the potential of disruptive technologies with the best cloud practices. Yield maximum business benefits with the solutions that are imperative for your organization.

Cloud Computing

Transfiguring Data for Human Consumption

Bizmetric enables inspecting, cleansing, transforming, and modeling data on cloud platforms simultaneously. Our cloud computing services take end-to-end care of our clients’ needs and ensure the better business outcome across different industries.


Bizmetric offers a complete suite of reliable, comprehensive, and AWS powered cloud services. Our applications deliver valuable services to the clients and help enterprises to maintain business continuity in the longer run.

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Bizmetric's Azure Cloud capabilities offer a comprehensive platform for successful workload migration and application development. Our enterprise approach provides a framework that simplifies the understanding of the customer's business requirements.

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Bizmetric's Google Cloud competencies mitigate the business challenges of the enterprise with greater efficiency. We implement world-class solutions for our clients and help them achieve their business needs.

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How your Enterprise can Benefit with Cloud Computing

Auto-scaling Cloud Infrastructure

The increasing number of differentiated workloads lets businesses make several changes to the compute, storage, and other such services. The enablement of the autoscaling feature resizes the server and reduces the operational overhead of the enterprise

Reduced Infrastructure Cost

Cloud Analytics empowers virtual interfacing rather than getting dependent on the typical physical hardware. With a collaborative approach, cloud analytics help businesses optimized internal budget, increase productivity, and eliminate extra expenses.

Data Loss Prevention Measures

With cloud-based analytics services, enterprises can create multiple data backups at their data centers and several copies of the files to reduce the chances of the occurrences of anomalies like computer malfunctioning, information breach, and data loss.

We serve multiple verticals

Experience our Diversified Industrial Exposure

  • Manufacturing

    Case Study

    Designing cloud-enabled environment for cost and resource efficiency

    We deployed the enterprise cloud solution to improve the overall ERP performance of the organization. Our well-knit integration of the enterprise cloud solution with ERP simplified the day-to-day operations. The transformed technological landscape offered a clearer picture of expenditures and incurred costs. Our cost-effective approach to analysis helped lessen the financial burden.

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  • Logistics

    Case Study

    Empowering business to gain actionable insights and benefits out of data

    We implemented the Data Lake Solution and helped our client overcome data-related challenges. We demonstrated a 30% to 50% improvement in decision-making. The allocation and utilization of resources improved in this optimized environment.

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  • Energy

    Case Study

    Revamping the existing business process with highly agile Oracle Solutions

    We implemented robust Oracle Solutions and Analytical Applications to revive the existing business scenario of our client. We successfully saved 20% of overall procurement cost. The on-time delivery of goods saw an improvement of 20%.

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  • Life Sciences

    Case Study

    Migrating patient data from on-premise to cloud in a secured & manageable manner

    We implemented a visualization tool to get a whole new story out of the data generated from multiple sources. We demonstrated a 30% to 50% improvement in decision-making. The allocation and utilization of resources improved in this optimized environment.

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  • BFSI

    Case Study

    Implementing Data Analytics to Curb Impersonation and Fraud payment

    We provided robust infrastructure and a centralized data storage system to counter data-related issues. The analysis of data became result oriented. Cost-effectiveness for global center deliveries was achieved.

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  • Retail

    Case Study

    Scaling infrastructure and handling traffic surges through capacity addition

    We implemented enhanced migration strategies & cloud services to optimize various operations. Our cloud capabilities made the data migration smooth and simplified. With enhanced load testing, the delay in the fixing of the issues got improved. The replication of the production services helped identify the poor performance of the code paths.

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Why Global Clients Trust Bizmetric for Cloud Services

Get Real Time Business Insights

Bizmetric deploys highly robust analytics solutions for data security and sustainability in a rapid digital transforming market with high-end processing and analysis. Our end-to-end approach steers corporate performance and helps capitalize on new business opportunities.

  • Our certified cloud experts are technically skilled, and industry recognized.
  • We value our customers by offering them highly customized solutions and services.
  • The quality of our service sets us apart. We do not compromise on it.
  • Our reliable security features strengthen the bond of trust with the clients.
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Powering your Business with Actionable Insights

Critically examine the zillions of data sets to uncover insightful patterns. Personalize your enterprise experience with our highly reliable analytics solutions.

Master Data Management

Get 360-degree insights into data with our single source of truth. Integrate your system and information to bring forth data-driven business value.

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Analytics & Business Intelligence(BI)

Uncover the huge potential of your data with our business intelligence solution. Draw meaningful insights with our highly interactive and visually-enriched dashboards.

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Data Lake and Data Warehousing

Resolve all your data storage and access related issues with our data lake solution. Integrate your siloed data and transform the legacy approach into a new business scenario.

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Bizmetric Big Data Capabilities

Revamp your business with the most widely used buzzword "Big Data". Tap into the resource that carries the huge potential of bringing the transformation at an enterprise-scale.

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Scale your cloud operations. Let the distributed feature of the CloudOps span across the organization with its flexible application services.

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Data Analytics

Enable a data-centric ecosystem for your enterprise to achieve sustainable business outcomes. Add value to your work with the best analytics practices.

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