Data Lake Solution to overcome data-related challenges

In this case study we unveil our transformative Data Lake Solution that empowers businesses to harness actionable insights from their data. Discover how we’ve turned complex data challenges into strategic opportunities, paving the way for data-driven success. Dive into the details.

About the Industry

The logistics industry is the lifeline that carries business at a steady flow. Right from material handling and production to inventory and warehouse management, all complex operations are handled with a robust supply-chain solution.

Analytics plays a crucial role in the logistics industry. The real-time analysis of tasks, paired with an unparalleled vehicle management system, helps maintain the safety, security, and integrity of the organization. Even trained ML-Models are simplifying the overall functioning of the tasks by phasing out manual operations. With the intervention of high-end business intelligence solutions, reporting and visualization have accelerated the identification and mitigation of challenges in real-time.

About the Client

Our client is an American logistics and supply chain giant. With its presence in more than two hundred and twenty countries, the company has given employment to more than four lakh individuals. The revenue of the organization stands at US$ 70 billion and connects markets that comprise more than 90% of the world’s Gross Domestic Product. This company accounts for 3.6 million shipments daily.

Our client holds an upper hand over its competitors. The service deliverable of the organization is recognized at an enterprise level. As a part of the business expansion, they have opened subsidiaries in major geographic areas. They have also deployed smart IT and analytical solutions for technical excellence.

The Business Challenges

Our Client faced the following challenges: –

  • High on-premise Infrastructure Maintenance Cost was creating a financial constraint.
  • The siloed data cluster limited the integration of data.
  • Data Science environment took a long time to respond.
  • The Managed Service Cost was increasing due to lack of business management.

The Business Solution

  • For proper data management, we put forward the proposal for data lake. We introduced the five architectures that would best suit the organizational needs. These options were: –
  • Option 1 – Azure (Iaas) or Google (Iaas) with Hortonworks
  • Option 2 – Azure (Paas)
  • Option 3 – Google (Paas)
  • Option 4 – Azure (Paas) + On-Premise
  • Option 5 – Google (Paas) + On-Premise
  • Among these five options, we recommended moving with option 4 & 5. These options provide better disaster recovery, along with advanced data security & mobility.

Key Results

  • We successfully reduced the overhead expenses incurred at every stage of operations.
  • Data Governance improved soon after the deployment of our Data Lake Solution.
  • With better governance, we also achieved advanced security and mobility.
  • There was also a clear improvement in disaster recovery. This helped ascertain the challenges before its actual occurrence.

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