Case Study: Advanced Analytics (AWS)

About the Domain

Our client is a web domain service provider.

The Business Challenges

The Problem Statement:

  • The client needed to store a vast amount of data in the Cloud securely, while ensuring data replication to prevent service disruptions in case of data loss.
  • Additionally, they required the maintenance of proper backups for potential database corruption and recovery from backups.
  • Furthermore, the client needed to provision the database service in various accounts to meet development, testing, and production requirements, all accomplished through the use of Terraform scripts.

The Business Solution

To fulfill the above requirements, we introduced the following solution:

  • We recommended DynamoDB as the optimal solution for this scenario. DynamoDB is a cloud-based NoSQL database known for its exceptional scalability and robust replication capabilities.
  • We implemented AWS DynamoDB with the appropriate number of Read capacity units.
    and Write Capacity units.
  • DynamoDB is native to AWS, and we are also utilizing Elasticsearch, which is also offered by AWS.
  • When an update occurs in DynamoDB, a Lambda trigger (defined in AWS) is executed.
    This trigger runs a small python script that replicates all updates from DynamoDB into


  • Migration from a relational database to Amazon DynamoDB.
  • Migration from MongoDB, Cassandra, or other NoSQL solution to Amazon DynamoDB. The new application that primarily uses Amazon DynamoDB for its database storage.
  • A description of the primary key design for each table and index and why it meets best practices as described in the Amazon DynamoDB developer guide.
  • Continuous Back-Ups
  • Data Encryption

Key Results

  • Successful implementation of DynamoDB with all available functionalities.
  • Improved performance and data replication, resulting in benefits for the customer.

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