Hadoop migration to Azure

Explore our successful Hadoop to Azure migration case study. Learn how Bizmetric seamlessly transitioned and optimized data operations for improved efficiency.

About the Domain

Our client is one of the largest Oil & Gas firms in the USA and for the last 5 years, they were using Hadoop.

The Business Challenges

  • High Licensing cost
  • There were performance issues as different ML Models were running
  • Infrastructure & support cost was very high
  • Migrating all the 8000+ Hive History Tables was the crucial enterprise need
  • 250+ active jobs built-in Spark, Kafka, Sqoop & MapReduce, required to be migrated

The Business Solution

  • We performed the end-to-end assessment of existing Spark, Scala code, and Hive Queries, and designed a modern data pipeline to Spark code seamlessly
  • Migrated Hive HQL to Spark / Python code based on Design Pattern Analysis Automation
  • Performed data validation between the old and new processes through automation scripts
  • Metadata validation included checks on the data types of the column and the number of columns
  • All the reporting connections were remapped to the newer system

Key Results

  • Our client was able to retire their Hadoop Infrastructure seamlessly
  • Annual Infrastructure and Support Cost was saved due to migration to Azure

Azure Migration

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