Designing cloud-enabled environment for cost & resource efficiency

We deployed the enterprise cloud solution to improve the overall ERP performance of the organization.

Bizmetric excels in designing cloud-enabled environment that drive cost and resource efficiency. Our case studies showcase how we leverage cutting-edge technology to create streamlined, high-performance cloud infrastructures tailored to the specific needs.

About the Industry

Manufacturing companies, especially those on valve manufacturing, have seen market volatility in the past few years. Fluctuations in the price of raw materials, steel prices, and export-import duties are some of the factors impacting the industry’s future.

Amidst such volatile market conditions, growing demand from the construction industry, commercial & industrial sectors, and relaxation in the FDI are generating potential opportunity for the industry. The path to digitization has simplified the operational front of the manufacturing companies and has paced up the output ratio, thereby improving the overall efficiencies on a larger scale. Globalization has helped improve the business but has simultaneously impacted this competitive landscape.

About the Client

Our client is a US-based leading manufacturer & supplier of valves, fittings, and flow control products. With a business legacy of 115 years, they cater to the requirements of both commercial & residential sectors.

Our client operates more than ten manufacturing facilities in the US, Mexico, and Poland regions. With seven distribution centers in the US, the organization offers more than forty thousand SKU’s to its customers. In the future, the company is looking forward to entering the Hydronics market.

The Business Challenges

Our client faced the following business challenges at the organizational front: –

  • The current business environment failed to manage manage both cost & resources effectively, despite being integrated into the ERP.
  • Uncontrolled capacity boundaries were creating business risks that would impact the future growth of the client.
  • Manual setup and lack of automation added to the financial burden for the organization.
  • The business was directed towards the maintenance of the on-premise setup, rather than on innovation.

The Business Solution

  • We proposed data migration from on-premise to on-cloud.
  • The integration of the enterprise cloud with the ERP application would leave a positive impact on the cross-functional domain.
  • Our strategy of moving the ERP applications from data centers to the company cloud shifted the focus from infrastructure maintenance to cloud maintenance, which was cost and time effective.
  • We helped our client utilize live data capabilities. This helped them in summarizing the overall technology landscape of the cloud, in real-time.

Key Results

  • The efficiency of both internal resources, and business partners, was greatly improved.
  • Our well-knit integration of the enterprise cloud solution with ERP simplified the day-to-day operations.
  • The transformed technological landscape offered a clearer picture of expenditures and incurred costs. Our cost-effective approach to analysis helped lessen the financial burden.
  • We ensured better disaster recovery functions for the company, thus mitigating potential business risks.

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