Agile Oracle Solutions for Business Revamp

We implemented robust Oracle Solutions and Analytical Applications to revive the existing business scenario of our client.

Agile Oracle Solutions for Business Revamp

Discover the dynamic transformation brought by our Agile Oracle Solutions in revamping business processes. Explore our case study to witness the power of flexibility, efficiency, and innovation in optimizing operations and achieving sustainable growth.

About the Industry

The Oil & Gas Industry has seen many peaks and valleys. Demand-supply gap, regulatory norms & compliances, volatile prices, and market conditions are some of the factors that directly impact the industry.

The analytics and its application have brought a paradigm shift in the industry. Today, 4-D seismic technology with automated and real-time reporting has drastically simplified exploration activities and operations. Similarly, the midstream and downstream sectors have also witnessed progress at the core level. With analytics invading every corner of the industry, decision-making capabilities, keeping data in the core, has improved. Deriving insight from these to fulfill business needs is what advanced analytics will do.

About the Client

Our client is a US-based oil service provider. With an established presence in North & South America, Europe, the Middle East, and the Asian Pacific, the client was looking for business expansion across other parts of the world as well. The company wanted to automate its existing technology to gain a competitive advantage over its peers.

With a revenue of US$ 900 Million, the company currently has more than three hundred people. They have successfully commissioned 80,000 barrels of storage capacity. The company is engaged in multiple projects and catering to the services of third parties and vendors.

The Business Challenges

With operations getting gradually more complex, the organization found following challenges that interrupted their business processes: –

  • The client was looking to streamline and automate their supplier performance measurement through Oracle BI.
  • They were also looking to bring down the capacity of the data silos.
  • The organization was struggling to improve interdepartmental communication and build trust in self-service analytics.

The Business Solution

  • We identified the supplier performance management categories and established metrics and KPIs to track Supplier Performance Management.
  • We built Data Collection Routines, a Semantic Model, and executive Dashboard Reports for Supply Chain Performance.
  • Our Supplier Performance Scorecard Components provided metrics for better evaluation of the existing system.

Key Results

  • We successfully saved 20% of overall procurement cost.
  • The on-time delivery of goods saw an improvement of 20%.
  • Total inventory cost got reduced by 5%.
  • We succeeded in achieving 95% delivery documentation.

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