Scaling infrastructure & handling traffic surge with capacity addition

We implemented enhanced migration strategies & cloud services to optimize various operations.

Explore our insightful case study on effectively scaling infrastructure and handling traffic surge through strategic capacity addition. Learn how Bizmetric’s solutions can empower your business for growth and stability.

About Industry

The retail fashion industry is amassing radical transformation. Adopting an agile approach and methodology is bringing transparency in all facets of tasks. With customer taste, preferences, and opinions changing enormously, the industry is trying to keep pace with such demand by adopting smart technologies.

In an era of self-disruption, the omnichannel footprints, and automation in production is leaving a long-lasting industrial impact. The analytics-driven decision-making capabilities are making the study data-focused. Coupled with the smart applications that are ML-Modeled, things are getting sorted in a more optimized manner.

About Client

Our client is San Francisco based retail clothing and crowdfunding organization. They implement the concept of crowdfunding, where customers crowdsource the prototypes and concepts into products. With this successful idea, the organization has already funded more than a hundred garments and apparel.

The company’s USP lies in coming up with products nonstop. Black sheep sweaters, disco hoodies, executive hoodies, and cord around are some of the trending products that the organization specializes in manufacturing. They are also working on potential design projects that will leave a long-lasting impact on the market in the coming days.

The Business Challenges

The increasing customer demand is increasing the data influx as well. Our client is facing following business-impacting challenges: –

  • The maintenance issues and its related challenges were pulling back the business. The outcomes were much lower than the expected targets.
  • The supporting operations suffered set back due to a lack of scalability.
  • The project planning and capacity addition exceeded the stipulated time, thereby delaying the project even further.
  • The organizational mismanagement suffered financial disturbances, owing to undue and indirect expenses.
  • The organization could not handle the consistent data surge in the website traffic. Data storage issue was on the rise, as the unnecessary data were getting generated uniformly.

The Business Solution

  • We analyzed the organizational scenario and proposed them to carry out the migration.
  • We helped our client migrate to google cloud infrastructure that was managed by Kubernetes.
  • Our load testing and auto-scaling cloud infrastructure capabilities handled the peak load with zero defects and outages.

Key Results

  • Our cloud capabilities made the data migration smooth and simplified.
  • With enhanced load testing, the delay in the fixing of the issues got improved. The replication of the production services helped identify the poor performance of the code paths.
  • The scalability offered by the cloud infrastructure improved the downtime and delays. The management of time delays accounted for better customer satisfaction.
  • A better cloud solution helped revamp the business as well as operational strategies.

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