Migrating sensitive patient data from on-premises to cloud

We migrated the patient’s data from on-premises to cloud in the most secured way. Our services managed the company’s enterprise-level data protection and encryption features.

In this case study, we detail the seamless journey of migrating sensitive patient data from on-premises to the cloud in a secure and manageable manner. Discover how this transition not only enhances data accessibility but also ensures the highest standards of security for patient data. Explore the full case study for insights into this transformative process.

About the Industry

The healthcare industry is consolidating rapidly with value-based services getting more and more evident. The affiliation of small-size hospitals with large organizations and smart technologies is further simplifying the agenda of better healthcare at a low cost. Transparency is expected at all stages of healthcare operations: from patient examination to payment. With the health records generation getting into zillions, the possibility of threats is high. Thus, advanced digital technology is highly adapted by health care industry.

About the Client

Our client is a medical service provider that offers an integrated platform to manage the overall patient experience. The organization covers all crucial functions of scheduling, reporting, charting, and billing under one umbrella.

The Business Challenges

Managing a large healthcare enterprise is a challenging endeavor. Some of the problem areas we came across were:

  • Relocation of data centers from the parent company due to our client’s spin-off from the parent company.
  • Security and prompt availability of patient data.
  • Issues with meeting ever-changing customer needs and expectations in a feasible way.
  • Quality of data and number of errors.

The Business Solution

  • We proposed the migration of data centers from on-premise to cloud. It was an excellent way to avoid the need for in-house storage experts.
  • Our client used NetApp storage arrays for its datacenters. NetApp’s cloud volumes assisted us immensely in moving our client’s data to AWS.
  • We provided extra layers of control to resolve cloud-related issues or any other technical challenges.
  • In addition, the auto-scaling features of cloud proved to be a cost-effective step for our client.

Key Results

  • We migrated 80+ applications from their existing data centers to the cloud, and helped reduce the in-house storage expenses
  • ‘Zero’ Security lapse. Our multi-layered protection features guaranteed highly secured data
  • Data was easily available as and when required
  • The onboarding time of the applications reduced to 30 minutes
  • 40% cost saving on licenses


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