Orchestrating cloud offerings for hybrid cloud cost optimization

We accomplished the DevOps to DevSecOps transition through an automated and digitally advanced delivery platform.

Welcome to our case study on Orchestrating cloud offerings for hybrid cloud cost optimization.

About the Industry

Top manufacturers are now working at the granular level by making a shift from the B2B to B2C business framework. To accomplish a faster time to market and scaled brand control, they favor a 360-degree customer interaction view. To gain better enterprise visibility, many organizations have partnered with next-generation companies for serverless and touchless support of the AR-VR and Artificial Intelligence solutions. Streamlining of the internal processes has resulted in improved productivity at an industrial level. Research says the coming era will witness a sharp inclination of the manufacturing companies towards low-cost marketing and the funding solution methodologies. Having IIoT enabled solution will help the industry to have a competitive advantage in this cut-throat digital age.

About the Client

Our client is one of the world’s leading manufacturing firms. With a customer base of 5000, they have their services available across major geographies of the US, UK, Middle East, and Canada. The exclusive partnership of the company with top tech firms has helped them excel in developing highly innovative solutions. The workforce strength of the company stands at 50000, with the count of new joining still pouring in. Talking of the brand positioning, our client has successfully placed itself as a leader in the manufacturing sphere.

The Business Challenges

We identified the following roadblocks that paused the seamlessly moving operations of our client: –

  • The client was looking for an integrated, single platform solution to manage, operate, and automate the cloud operations and offerings at the private and the public level.
  • They lacked a standard reporting procedure. The cross-functional communication between different levels of the employees had technical glitches most of the time.
  • Management of daily incidents, cost optimization, unavailability of support for the cloud offerings hampered the daily progress of the organizational activities.
  • They aimed to attain NoOps working ecosystem, for which they needed to make an accurate transition from the DevOps to DevSecOps.

The Business Solution

  • Based on the deep analysis of the enterprise, we recommended a highly reliable CloudOps business solution for our client.
  • Our digital enterprise ecosystem collated data from several sources, irrespective of their size and data types. The deployment of these data helps the client to draw patterns using ML capabilities. The task of compartmentalizing the core processes and the events helped fulfill the specific need of the business effectively.
  • With a highly efficient orchestration process, we automated the subsequent business operations and improved their overall management and execution manifold. Our CloudOps experts tailored the solution workflow as per the client’s need and met their enterprise expectations smartly.
  • The continuous integration/ continuous delivery (CI/ CD) process mechanized the solution delivery framework and enhanced the internal functionalities of our client.
  • The CloudOps dashboard and the operational automation of the AWS and Azure cloud environment helped our client in create a leading-edge integrated solution platform. The vault implementation ensured the security of the customer’s credentials.

Key Results

  • Our solution for hybrid cloud cost optimization worked as an innovation catalyst for the company. They solved their business challenges with the best of the disruptive solutions.
  • The implementation of the single platform solution integrated the core business processes and the operations, thus, making the execution process simplified.
  • Successful transition from DevOps to DevSecOps accelerated the completion process of the raised incidents, which directly improved the overall productivity of the organization.

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