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COVID, on its arrival, brought the world to a standstill. Uncover the ways adopted by Bizmetric in mitigating the pandemic's turmoil.

Sep 14, 2020

 Please share with us your lockdown experience. How you kept your employees and customers motivated in such a mentally disturbing situation? Does it impact productivity?

COVID on its arrival brought the world to a standstill. The widespread effect of the pandemic has created turmoil in the world’s economy and people’s lives. In such an unprecedented scenario, taking care of employees and customers becomes even more crucial. We tried our best to balance our work, mental state, and engagement of our teams, and to a great extent, we were able to achieve what we desired.

Bizmetric believes in establishing “beyond the service” partnership with its clients. With a pragmatic approach, we listened and addressed the pain areas of our client with full dedication. Our association with the client is not just limited to the work. We believe in an association that gets nurtured and strengthened with time.

Just like our clients, Bizmetric employees are the pillars of our success. We not only acknowledge and appreciate their efforts but also like to be with them in times of personal needs. We took extra care of our resources during this pandemic period. We made arrangements to allow employees to work from home. In the following days, we arranged various virtual recreational activities including Yoga and meditation for our employees and their families for healthy engagement.

We believe in establishing a "beyond the service" relationship with our clients.
–Amit Mittal

Bizmetric is equally concerned for those who are going to start their professional journey with us. Despite all odds, we kept our promises. We were in the process of hiring people across various disciplines, we made sure the newcomers onboarding goes smoothly and hassle-free. Our HR team maintained transparency at each stage and utilized virtual training and onboarding tools.

To keep our existing as well as new employees engaged and focused, we encouraged training and certifications. We saw a good number of our employees get prestigious certifications from Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Oracle.

2) What role do the latest technologies like cloud computing will play in shaping the future of digital transformation post-COVID?

Cloud computing today has become a business necessity and enterprises do not look for alternatives, but for ways of adopting cloud solutions. Being termed as “Business as Usual” technology, cloud help solve critical infrastructure issues with greater ease.
Undoubtedly, the current pandemic situation has worsened the economic stability at the global level. All Businesses are looking for ways to reduce their extra spending and expense management has become the need of the hour. Here, cloud technology is drawing a larger share of business attention. The “pay as you use” business model of this technology has given great relief to its users. Reduction in extra maintenance charges, overhead costs, and storage costs are some of the business benefits of a highly scalable cloud solution.

Bizmetric has been serving its clients with its multiple cloud capabilities. Our Cloud computing solutions optimize the existing business processes and help move from siloed functional work to a cross-functional approach and methodology.

The coming times will witness a greater extent of cloud migration and automation. Many organizations, irrespective of their sizes, will look forward to infrastructure revamping. With the right cloud strategy and execution plans, businesses can fill the gaps and rebound quickly from the COVID situation.

3) What concerns and issues clients generally face while adopting cloud technology? What measures do you take to mitigate those challenges?

The cloud adoption brings with it a list of challenges. Security, risk, and governance are the major areas of concern for organizations that want to adopt cloud technologies. Many organizations look for zero downtime without compromise. We also found that some of the organizations using cloud storage and backup services face compliance-related concerns.

With the association of the right implementation partner, the cloud journey can become smooth. The right sized partner also ensures that businesses don’t have their bank as well in this journey. In this cloud-focused business scenario, Bizmetric has served many clients, covering a wide gamut of industries and technological landscape. Our experts are well-versed in deploying the right mix of strategies and cloud solutions. Our end-to-end migration project starts with an effective requirement gathering. We strategize our solution methodically, leaving no scope for the business gap. Compliance-related issues are addressed in a sophisticated manner. The utilization of a single sign-on adds more security to the existing solution. Our cloud experts bring more maturity to the data protection model and the regulatory norms.

4) In what way new-age technologies can transform the upcoming methodology of working?

Agile enterprise business processes can help recuperate faster in post-pandemic times. The integrated solutions of the cloud with the latest disruptive technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will offer an omnichannel experience to its customers. Empowered solutions like chatbots, cognitive routing, and SaaS solutions are meeting the business expectations with greater agility. Talking of the cloud, we found hybrid cloud architecture most demanding. The ability to shift workloads across clouds without disturbing other tasks is one of the featured capabilities of the hybrid cloud. The “as-a-service” cloud strategy works best at all levels of an enterprise. The cloud capabilities are making the modernization process as painless as possible. With cloud adoption, the digital future of enterprise is bright and rewarding.

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