Analytics and AI Principles

Analytics and AI Principles

Feb 28, 2022

Analytics and AI Principles, explore the core values that drive innovation and responsible use of these powerful tools in today’s digital landscape.

Bizmetric is a Microsoft Gold Partner, and with a deep-rooted collaboration, Bizmetric seamlessly integrate Microsoft’s cutting-edge technologies into various industry verticals, ensuring optimal and tailored solutions that drive success and innovation for our clients.

Bizmetric & Microsoft is dedicated to an ethical approach to AI. This infographic details 6 principles to responsible AI and the commitment made to further these advances.

This infographic details the Bizmetric & Microsoft philosophy toward responsible and ethical AI through a set of core principles. These principles include maximizing efficiencies without destroying the dignity of people and guarding against bias. It additionally, it advocates for accountability against intended harm, transparency, privacy, and design that assists humanity.
Analytics and AI Microsoft Principles

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