Cloud-based Custom Fleet Management Application

We implemented real-time analytics and cloud-based custom application to modernize the fleet management system of our client.

In this case study, we highlight our success in developing a robust cloud-based custom fleet management application tailored specifically for the steel industry. Explore how this solution optimizes fleet operations and improves efficiency. Discover the transformative impact of our customized application by delving into the full case study.

About the Industry

The steel industry is on track of enormous growth and development. With increasing demand and investment, many top players are looking for upcoming opportunities in the areas of the US, UK, and some parts of the Asia-Pacific Region. It has been observed, many other industries get influenced by the market condition of the steel. Increasing customer demand in the transportation sector, logistics, and construction has a direct impact on the steel manufacturing industry. Research states that the usage of steel will grow 1.5 times the current usage in the days to come.

The industry has generated a large volume of data over the past few years. To draw meaningful and enterprise-centric insights, top manufacturers have chosen the path of Analytics. Process simulation, Computerized maintenance management system, and deployment of the automated business model have shown great data-driven results.

About the Client

This company is one of the largest US-based steel manufacturing firm. It specializes in the manufacturing of cold rolled, hot rolled, and low carbon steel and has also ventured in the testing and spectrometer analysis of the products.

The Business Challenges

Despite delivering the best services, our client was facing the following enterprise challenges: –

  • The legacy fleet management system of the company lacked customization. The absence of real-time invoice creation, tracking of shipment and the orders, and low visibility in the transportation due to inadequate automation dwindled the business operations.
  • The company urgently needed a robust analytical solution that would track important business KPIs and gather valuable insights for better operations.
  • The number of users were increasing, and the unavailability of a robust management system that could meet the growing needs was becoming a critical issue.
  • The organization was looking forward to adopting the standard practices of authorization.

The Business Solution

  • We collaboratively streamlined the business process of our client and conducted the gap analysis of the system.
  • For an automated fleet management system, we suggested the cloud-based custom application. Our expert resources build an analytical solution using full-stack development frameworks like Angular JS, Node JS, React JS, Azure SQL Server, and Azure App Services.
  • We created 5 web page applications with 15+ functionalities which made enrolment and management of new vendors, invoices, shipment tracking, and orders management tasks efficient and easy
  • We also created a dynamic analytical dashboard to capture 20+ KPIs like the number of orders in time, the number of shipments, per mile rate, under and overutilization of logistic, top 5 best vendors by rate, Shipment time, etc.
  • For authorization and authentication, we built a custom security model and implemented Azure AD for access to the data levels.

Key Results

With custom cloud-based fleet management, following benefits were achieved by the organization

  • Dashboard with interactive user interface
  • Integrated & customized cloud solution
  • Robust invoicing mechanism
  • Automated business performance
  • On-time product and service delivery
  • Low deployment and maintenance cost

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