Mitigating logistics & supply-chain challenges with ERP solution

We analyzed our client’s needs and integrated a routing option with the existing ERP suite.

Discover the transformative impact of our ERP solution on mitigating logistics and supply-chain challenges. Our case study illustrates how efficient deployment of ERP technology optimizes operations, fosters transparency, and drives business success. Explore the journey to enhanced efficiency and competitiveness with our comprehensive solution.

About the Industry

Supply-chain & logistics are the backbones of any industry. Transforming business requires transforming the existing business process. In this regard, digitization plays a very crucial role in meeting specific business needs. Automated supply-chain with a collaborative process has made the business model more agile and circular.

Today, top logistics companies go for a remodeled risk management portfolio. The parameters for the business that works at the global level are highly stringent and process-driven. For logistics, security is one of the pivotal points that makes an impact at an enterprise level. An intelligent solution will bridge the technological gap that still exists.

About the Client

Our client is a successful Dubai-based logistics & supply-chain operating company. With more than four decades of experience in freight transportation, their industry reach is vast, with unmatched expertise in all modes.

The company offers integrated services under one umbrella with easy documentation & seamless tracking facilities. Meeting complex and additional logistics issues with an automated solution has been the strength of our client. They have been successful in managing complicated shipments & consignments with a dedicated in-house integrated solution.

The Business Challenges

The logistics industry is a complex field. Our client faced many enterprise-level challenges. Following are some of the most noted: –

  • Non-integration of the routing option with the existing ERP Suite was the biggest challenge for the organization.
  • Unavailability of an ERP-integrated routing option distorted the exchange of instructions between the client and shipment agent.
  • Lack of integrated solution impacted the tracking and tracing of the shipment. Non-availability of real-time information sometimes led to business failure.
  • Lack of integration not only slowed down the operations but also raised the expenses due to non-uniform resource deployment.

The Business Solution

  • Having completed the analysis of our client’s current business portfolio, we carried out the integration of the business model with the existing ERP suite.
  • We developed a solution on the MySQL platform with user fields that would capture the required routing order information.
  • Under a set of rules and modules, our solution provided multiple status and provisioning for the users to analyze the created set of documents.
  • The automated solution generated self-triggered mails for the consignees and the users. The simplified exchange of the information in real-time made the execution of the task faster.

Key Results

  • We simplified the creation of documents by reducing transportation complexities.
  • The integration of the existing business model with the ERP Solution made the routing process simpler & seamless.
  • We transformed the approval process by making it multi-layered. The multi-functionality feature of the solution reduced the operational time.
  • The automated solution reduced customer grievances by improving communication between them and the shipment agent.

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