We transformed the client’s IT infrastructure by modernizing the business strategy and improving service level tasks.

About the Industry

The professional industry has witnessed a radical change in the past few years. Some factors, like uneven client demand, technological gaps & developments, and increased expectations have impacted not only the present, but also the future scope.

The introduction of automated solutions has improved the quality of services. Digitization and the digital marketplace have simplified the process of venturing into a new line of services or deliveries. With the advent of IoT & ML-designed solution, platform-based knowledge-sharing has gained momentum. Improved transparency has not only helped widened the market reach, but also aligned the value, principles, and business model for an enterprise.

About the Client

Our client is a Europe-based leading IT infrastructure organization, predominantly serving the business and public sectors. The organization’s presence in the hardware and software applications is strong. With more than 8000 employees and 5000 consultants, our client manages multiple tasks of design, implementation, and operation of projects.

The competence in IT infrastructure has helped our client widen the area of service deliveries. With a presence in more than seven countries, they are catering to the need of achieving maximum productivity feasibly.

The Business Challenges

Our client faced certain enterprise-level & operational challenges that hindered the execution of tasks. Some of the challenges were:

  • The procurement process was not as streamlined as the business process.
  • Lack of integration and collaboration made a service-level impact and failed to meet the customer’s core requirements.
  • The absence of modernization created supply-chain constraints and indirect costing for both users and service providers.
  • The end-to-end completion of anybusiness process faced constant roadblocks due to non-collaboration between suppliers and partners.

Our Solution

  • We implemented SAP Ariba Solutions to achieve increased stakeholder and client satisfaction.
  • Our strategy of integrating the e-commerce platform with the customer’s supply chain helped modernize the existing business model.
  • The SAP Ariba Network Solution built an integrated platform for the suppliers, partners, and e-commerce. This helped achieve a full range of services cost-effectively.
  • We helped build an IT infrastructure that supported the customer processes in an optimized way.

Key Results

  • Our solution offered an intelligent procurement platform that helped customers in choosing IT services efficiently.
  • An unmatched customer experience increased the client and stakeholder satisfaction.
  • We transformed the end-to-end process by providing relevant business inputs.
  • Successful business results with solution modernization and innovative in-house capabilities.

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