KPI Alerts using Power BI, Big Query and Apache Airflow

Unlock the future of data-driven decision-making with our case study on KPI Alerts using Power BI, BigQuery, and Apache Airflow. Dive into a transformative journey where we harness the potential of these powerful technologies to create real-time, actionable insights.

(powerbi)Domain – Food & Beverages

Our client is a leading food service and support services company in India. The workforce strength of the company stands at 20,000 with the count of new joining still pouring in. They offer ample opportunities to its employees to grow and venture into the latest business avenues and untapped opportunities. They have their services across 45+ cities in the country, and they aim to consistently deliver superior services in a most liable and structured way.

The Business Challenges

The Problem Statement

There was a roadblock that paused the seamlessly moving operation of our client –

  • The company was looking to share the automated COGS% email notifications to the stakeholders based on their data security.
  • The subscription feature of Power BI (powerbi) does not abide by data security(RLS) and generates email notifications that breach data authorization.
  • Also, Big Query, which was used as a data source does not support any feature to send an email as per the client’s business requirements.

The Business Solution

  • To overcome the above limitations of Power BI and Big Query, Apache Airflow was introduced for the solution.
  • Business logic was built with the Python Script that connected with Big Query custom views.
  • SendGrid API was leveraged to send notifications to users from GCP cloud composer (Apache Airflow)
  • The Job was scheduled with Airflow to send a daily email to users with data security(RLS)
  • The RLS data was stored in the tables through a front-end application and views were built on top of these.
  • These views were then utilized to control the alert content and email destination dynamically based on the data flowing through the user interface.
  • Python Script picks live data for COGS%, combine it with user security information, and sends the alerts using the latest data to destined users only.
  • End-users get alerts only for the access sites maintaining the data security precisely.

Key Results

  • Our solution implementation worked as an innovation catalyst for the company. It solved their business ask of notification at right time to right audience maintaining user & data security.
  • It helped client, manage site wise performance and take appropriate & timely action as per report.
  • Automated the process, improved the overall efficiency and turn around time for corrective actions for any site.

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