Re-engineering the existing infrastructure for strategic insights

We upgraded the existing infrastructure and helped achieve business excellence in an optimized manner.

Discover how Bizmetric excels in re-engineering existing infrastructure to provide businesses with better insights and actionable strategies. Our case study showcases the transformative power of our solutions, helping organizations leverage their infrastructure to drive success in the digital age. Explore the full story to see how we turn challenges into opportunities.

About the Industry

The core of the energy sector is technology. The more robust and agile the technology is, the better would be the end-business results. The digitized era is bringing a paradigm shift in terms of operational and production efficiency.

The centralized and automated network system has redesigned the legacy framework, and thus, enabled the workflow to become smarter and productive. Similarly, the regulatory framework and compliances have become outcome-based, thus benefiting end-users more proactively. The fuel-sharing economies and increased risk of cyber threats are some of the crucial challenges that need quick mitigation. However, smart technologies and solutions have brought many loopholes under check.

About the Client

Our client is a leading service provider for energy & utility companies. The company’s solution suite is quite comprehensive and offers consumer engagement software, smart metering installation, and infrastructure services. In order to supply reliable services to its customers, our client has cutting-edge technologies that not only harness data from multiple sources, but also bring out meaningful insights. With more than four hundred customer bases, our client has been delivering its services for the past fifty years. They hold a record of establishing more than eighty millions of smart metering connections across several geographies.

The Business Challenges

The following were pain areas of our client: –

  • Handling a vast distribution network and managing the exhaustive task of multiple applications were raising the operational complexity of the organization.
  • The existing infrastructure lacked in modern functionalities that would help manage the grid loads and improve the overall efficiency.
  • The response time of the existing legacy system was not par with newer technologies. Addressing customer grievances and meeting up to the expectations in real-time was also a matter of concern.
  • Domain knowledge was also one of the major roadblocks in the functioning of the system.

The Business Solution

  • We re-engineered the existing infrastructure and integrated more than thirty applications on a single platform.
  • The cloud-integrated web-enabled applications put data to use. Rigorous analysis of this data helps ascertain aging infrastructures.
  • We enabled the outage detection solution that would report the occurrence of the issue in real-time and unwind quick redressal of the same.
  • The identification of control load fluctuations due to various factors like non-uniform demand, distributed energy generation, etc. was facilitated.

Key Results

  • Our re-engineered solution made the legacy solution technologically more capable. The digitized cloud solution made reporting robust, quick, and real-time.
  • The advanced solution helps conserve energy when analyzing actionable insights obtained from the analysis of the data.
  • The managing capabilities got improved, which in turn, provided greater and clear visibility into the distributed network channels. The customer’s turnaround time also got reduced to a greater extent.
  • The automated features of the new infrastructure helped in building business-driven strategies that would work both at the enterprise and the customer level.

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